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Jun 09th , 2017

GTV Episode 2: We Get By With a Little Help From Our Succulents

  Guess who’s back… back again…
Emma and I are here to introduce you to our cute little friends.
And we have to confess, we’re slightly extremely obsessed.
They’re in all the magazines, and all over the Web. And they brighten any room you find them in.
Have we piqued your curiosity yet?
Some are pudgy and delicate, others are spiky to touch. They travel alone and in groups, and they’ll never make a fuss.
Are you ready to make your best guess?
Of course, we’re referring to succulents!
In Episode Two of GTV, “We Get By With a Little Help From Our Succulents”, we’re sharing creative ways to plant and care for our sweet succulent (and air plant) babies.
Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? This episode has you covered.
Just grab one of those antique tea cups from your mother’s china cabinet and we’ll take care of the rest.
The fun doesn’t stop there either. We’re also revealing our favourite ways to display air plants around the home. Think sparkling geodes in the office, or earthy tablescapes at your next dinner party.
Are you ready for this? Watch Episode Two below! And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube…