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Oct 27th , 2015

Mono Cliff Inn (spiration)

monocliff inspiration On October 17th I filled the the car with gas and headed to a beautiful spot called "Mono" (who knew???) to deliver rustic, and elegant wedding flowers  ...... the car was packed with greens and extra blooms to adorn an old stone fireplace.  Clinking in the trunk as I drove over ( and cringed at) every bump, were antique mason jars that my bride, Marisa and her beau had found at auction and different markets in York region.  They were the mason jars from our childhoods,  with glass lids, heavy and beautiful, bearing a weight that today's disposable vessels can only dream about.  As I drove to set up the flowers for this intimate gathering, I passed through several weather patterns.  First it rained, and the shifting skies turned dark like charcoal.  I couldn't turn the heat on because the blooms were too sensitive.  Then the snow hit!  Fat, soapy snow flakes littered the windshield and the tall deep green pines around me turned white. The road was wet and slippery.  It was breathtaking, I felt so awake!  It was the first snowfall of 2015, for this felt staged, like I was on the set of a movie.  As I headed further west I was shocked when the sun came out and boom! there, in a crack of fluffy white clouds was the most perfect "pencil crayon blue" sky as my son would say...I had to pull over more than once to take pictures.  A fall scene, trees turning every colour of the spectrum, dotted with snow,  a warm beaming sun and rain drenched fields.  It was overwhelming, as a wedding day should be...I couldn't help but feel like Marisa and Kevin were getting a taste of what marriage is all about.  Passing weather patterns that we have no control over.  Powerful and beautiful storms subsiding to the warmth and glow of each other's arms.  I was so grateful to be a part of this day for these two special beings.  The trip to the Mono Cliffs Inn, was inspiring and validating.  This is why we do what we do.